Blog migration

It is time to move on. Dreamhost is feeling too slow these days and dedicated hosting is getting only cheaper.

I have already moved almost all of the other domains to my own host in the past months and I just moved the main blog to until the rest of the migration is complete. Only two dns zones are left and the blog is under so it will take a couple of days more since I also have my mail there.


Two days ago and while I was experimenting with I stumbled again on CloudFlare and gave it a try. From almost 10″ max time for each request I came down to 2-3 which is awesome. Especially considering I am only hosting on a shared host with several other heavy accounts. Good work CloudFlare! Oh and did I mention it is free? 😀

Moved to Vienna

I’ll have to confess a little secret. I am no longer living in Greece. I moved last month to Vienna (Austria). The move was both scheduled and sudden. Long story cut short, I am working for a startup in Austria which goes by the name of Toolani for their product Forfone as a backend developer. Exciting times. Maybe. I am moving to my new flat by January 1st 2012 and starting some things from scratch. I don’t know how much I’m staying yet. It all depends on the work and how much I will be able to make from this venture. Let’s see.

Oh yes, time to start updating my blog now! 😛